Parkinson's Improved with Tai Chi

Parkinson's Improved with Tai Chi

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Tai Chi is only one of many exercises that may be beneficial for Parkinson's patients. Here is one story about one of my students.

One of my students, here I call her Joy, is experiencing a dramatic improvement with just 5 lessons which is 5 hours of Tai Chi class. 

Joy is such a smart woman in her late 60s. Unfortunately, she has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years. After reading an article about Tai Chi improving Parkinson’s symptoms, she found me on google search. She is taking one-on-one lessons with me. Her onsite symptoms are slowness, lack of facial expression and physical movements. We have a 1 hour tai chi lesson twice a week. In the 6th lesson, she came visibly beautiful, her facial expressions were more vivid and her eyes were brighter. During warmup, she was excited to tell me that she could rub her ears with all her fingers, which she lost the ability for a long time. Then when we did shoulder warmups, she showed me that she could do a wider range of motions, which she couldn’t do before! We both felt thrilled!

Joy is my first student who has Parkinson’s disease. I know Tai Chi will help but never expected the improvements to come this quickly. It is very promising! She is continuing Tai Chi learning, and I will teach her meridian massage so she can do it by herself to speed up the healing process. She will do holistic wellness and nutrition counseling with me later. With the personalized treatment plan that I provide, she will have even more improvements in the near future.

We are both very excited about the upcoming improvements. My goal is to let her live symptom free! Let’s wait and see, we might create a miracle!

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