Tai Chi Erases Pain

Tai Chi Erases Pain

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Effective Pain Management

Have you stopped playing your favorite sports due to pain or injuries? Are you dealing with pain and discomfort daily when you are taking stairs, standing up from sitting position, getting out of your car, doing yard work? It is all part of aging. I personally experienced all of the above after I turned 50. Grew up playing volleyball but not anymore, everyday I experienced some sort of pain somewhere in my body. I once asked a 75-year-old lady at the park about the pain, the answer was IT WILL GET WORSE.

That was a few years ago when I had a high stress high school teaching job and stopped practicing tai chi. After Covid hit, I taught online full time, and my pain got worse. Gratefully, I turned my health around with tai chi, qigong and routine exercise. My situation didn’t get worse but BETTER! After I restarted tai chi practice, my pain and discomfort disappeared. Tai chi can not only build up muscles related to joints but lubricates the tissues and tendons and improve circulation. In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that the blockage leads to pain, therefore no blockage no pain.

Is that simple? Start learning tai chi and live a pain free life!

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