Take Care Your Heart

Take Care Your Heart

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

It never takes breaks

I went to a local Staple store and had a short conversation with the gentleman who helped me. I learned that the store manager just passed away with a heart attack the day before at the age of 60. He sadly told me that the manager told him that he was exhausted and had to leave work a little early on Friday night, the next morning, he had a heart attack and lost his life. Things like this happen all the time, you may hear or even experienced people you know or loved ones who have passed with heart attack. I want to say it out loud that heart attack can be prevented, only if you know how to care for your heart. Have you ever thanked your heart for non-stop working for you? Have you ever listened to your heart especially when it sent you the signals to take a rest? It sends you other signals-we read as symptoms as well. If you ignore all the messages that your heart sent you,  one day it can stop working suddenly.

Like most people, I never paid much attention to my heart, even experienced many symptoms during my four years of high stressful high school teaching. I overused my heart every day by staying up late at night and getting up early in the morning for work, in addition with other stressful stuff, i.e. unfairness, wronged with absolute innocence on the top of large student body. I almost fainted once in the classroom. Then I realized that if I gave my life to work, what would happen next? Somebody else would replace me in a few days. After that I even ended up at an ER once with all heart attack symptoms caused by prolonged and high level of stress. It was clear to me that I needed to make a change to save my heart and my life.  I made a bright decision to QUIT my job!

I then spent 8 months rejuvenating my heart with a holistic approach and of course tai chi and qigong. All the symptoms were gone, lost 25 lb. of fat, reshaped my body, and I felt my real self again. My latest heart check got 100 score because my heart doctor told me my heart is perfect! I am here to tell you that it is never too late to care for your heart, and in most cases, you can rejuvenate or renew your heart. Isn't it exciting?

After realized that helping people live a healthy and long life is more important than teaching them a foreign language. This was why I put all my passion and skills at work-started my holistic health coaching and tai chi and qigong teaching business. I am proudly to say that if you are willing to say sorry to your heart and want to save or rejuvenate your heart, I can make an individualized plan including diet and lifestyle changes, right exercises, and self-meridian treatment, and more to make it happen. Do you know lots of young people have older hearts? In contrary, older people can have younger hearts! Tai chi and qigong are the best exercises to prevent heart disease and gain longevity.

Either you come to me or not, start to take an action: take care your heart, live a healthy happy life!

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