Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Counseling

So many illnesses are related to nutrition imbalance. If some of the key vitamins and minerals are deficient, people would have health symptoms. These are the messages that our bodies sent to us.  If the issues are not addressed for a certain period, the illness would occur.  As a certified Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Coach, my focuses are on prevention, self-healing, and self-enhancing in health.  I can help you dig out the root causes of your symptoms, and we work together to find a solution to stimulate your body's healing then to get well.  I offer the following services:  healthy lifestyle establishment, tasty weight management (without strict calorie restrictions) , nutrition balance(eat out happiness), mind & body harmony including mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques,  stress management,  pain management, anxiety, and depression management and more. For people who have no health concerns, come right in for your health enhancement and longevity!

Holistic and me:    
I grew up in China and immigrated to the states in 1998. I grew up with Chinese medicine and holistic care that my mother provided. I seldom saw any doctors. When I got sick, my mom gave me home treatments such as Guasha, meridian treatment, food and herbal remedies, all of these worked just fine.  Both of my children were born in the US. Like most mothers, I took them to the doctors in the beginning of their lives, but soon realized that doctors prescribed too much unnecessary antibiotics and other drugs. I then made up my mind to follow my mother's footprints.  I was able to treat all my children's sickness effectively and keep them healthy and strong. Now they are adults with good health.

I had a health makeover with a holistic approach. I have done a great job to raise two children to wonderful adults, but I neglected my own health and wellbeing. I became saggy, overweight, have vein problems and lack of energy.  I ended up in an ER for angina a year ago due to intense and chorionic stress from work and family.  I realized the severity of my health and I determined to turn my health around.  It took me about a year to get my health back to an optimal level. Besides regular exercise, I practice Tai Chi and Qigong, manage stress with meditation, eat clean and balanced diet, and used Chinese herbal and food remedies for toning and yinyang balance.  The result is very rewarding! I lost 26 lbs. and have never felt this great since I had children. 

In the past 25 years, I have been studying holistic care continuously, of course helping friends and people around me. I am grateful that I can use my specialties to serve others. If you want to have your health makeover, come give me a try, you will not regret it.

Contact me for scheduling by texting: 510-213-1820.

Herbal and Food Remedies

Herbs and food are powerful for healing, illness prevention and toning for Yinyang balance.
Simple recipes will be listed according to the seasonal needs.